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So! I’d been meaning to write a little wrap-up post/reflection-type thing for SWAG ever since I was in the midst of it to be honest. I just like reflecting on things, meditating on them, all that good stuff. If you're not into that, just scroll down for the masterlist.

My goal going into SWAG was at its core, simple: just write. As anyone who knows me has heard me complain about over and over again, I have an extremely hard time getting myself to do things, and writing is high on the list of Things I Absolutely Suck At Motivating Myself To Do. So hopefully, by convincing myself to write for points, I could get over any blocks I have that relate to concern over quality and just write. Looking back, I think it would’ve been helpful to set a more specific goal, but well. This is my first time trying something like this. Learning as I go along, and all that.

Anyway, I started out with the goal in mind of three fills a day, which was laughable given how slow I write. So I mellowed it out to one fill a day, which I still didn’t complete. Can’t really give myself a pat on the back there, but I got a nice round 10 fills in, so small accomplishments. Once I realized quantity couldn’t be the goal, I had to set a new goal, because I had to have something to try to work towards.

My new goal was, in a general sense, to try new things, especially things I thought I couldn’t do. In a concrete way it broke down like this:

  • Write for all six fandoms on the accepted fandoms list that I am familiar with. This was big because I tend to feel like I have to have a Grasp on a certain work before I can write fic, and some of the fandoms I wrote for I definitely don’t feel like I have a real handle on yet. But I did it and some people even liked some of the things I wrote for those fandoms so! Pat on the back.

  • Try different mediums/styles of writing. I guess I did this? I wrote a poem, which I haven’t done in close to a year I think? And I wrote a song which, the last song I actually wrote a full melody and lyrics for that I can remember was when I was like, 8 or 9…. But yeah outside of that I tried to vary it up a bit in my prose even? I wrote prose in second person and I don’t think I’ve ever done that.

  • Write smut. This was the real challenge y’all. Like, I didn’t even become comfortable writing kisses until a few months ago, and I still have trouble with those. I thought writing explicit stuff would be next to impossible for me. So clearly if I wanted to try doing new things, this was on my list. And I did it and some people even? Supposedly liked it? Wild.

Now, there were things I wanted to try that I didn’t accomplish. For example, I started on this sort-of-involved AU that I didn’t finish in time and I haven’t looked at it since SWAG ended even though I’d like to finish it… eventually…. Also there were a bunch of prompts that I really loved and wanted to puzzle out and try to fill, but I didn’t touch a lot of those. So of course, given all the things I wanted to do but didn’t, I do feel a bit disappointed.

But basically SWAG was about proving to myself that I’m capable of more than I originally thought, and I think I accomplished that. Not only did the writing expand my perception of what’s possible, but reading the fills also did this! Seeing how people figure out and interpret prompts and do things I thought would be difficult and all the creativity involved in that has been fun! And kind of inspiring in some ways.

So yeah this post is really just me reminding myself why I did this so I can try and continue to carry out what I’ve started here. Tackle the things I haven’t done yet, like writing long fic, trying out different styles, and in general just, writing as soon as I get an idea and not sitting around and waiting on it. And of course well, there’s quality, which I might think about eventually, but not before I actually start making things.

Anyway, here’s my masterlist!

Total works: 10
Total word count: 10,538

  • kageyama and suga share an umbrella | haikyuu!! | 1152w | prose
    dw fill

  • teshima teaches tadokoro to knit | yowamushi pedal | 917w | prose
    dw fill

  • nagisa and rei at the shore at dawn | free! | 747w | prose
    dw fill

  • rin proposes to maki | love live! | 1020w | prose
    dw fill | ao3

  • yachi and kiyoko as idols | haikyuu!! | 1076w | prose
    dw fill

  • kuroko asks kise on a date | kuroko no basuke | 1930w | prose
    dw fill

  • rin’s relationship with the ocean | free! | 664w | prose
    dw fill

  • haruichi and eijun at mcd’s at 11pm | daiya no ace | 345w | 38 lines | poetry
    dw fill

  • yellow is sanada’s new favorite color | daiya no ace | 303w | 2:46 | song
    dw fill

  • kageyama eats yachi out like hinata would | haikyuu!! | 2384 | prose
    dw fill | ao3


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